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Since the launch of the OnePlus 8 Pro, its fair share of vulnerabilities has been revealed. One common vulnerability is battery life. The battery life on this phone can be draining in just a few hours with heavy use. To combat this problem, you can turn off certain features, which will help prolong battery life. However, for those who want to get out of the cycle of charging their phone every few hours because it’s just not cutting it anymore, there are various OnePlus 8 Pro battery replacements available. Amongst many other service providers, Yaantra has made its name as a reputable repair and replacement provider for every battery-related issue. You can get in touch with us with a call as we are always there to serve you to the best of our capabilities.




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If your OnePlus 8 Pro is not charging as it should or you need a battery replacement, contact us for certified technicians to service your device. Our certified technicians are experts in repairing or replacing the OnePlus 8 Pro battery and bring it back to a fully functional state. You can get the help of our technicians in just a call as we are accessible and affordable for every need related to your Oneplus 8 Pro

Affordable PricesAffordable Price

We have been in this business for a few years now and we have the most affordable prices for your Oneplus 8 Pro Battery Replacement. And, because of our vast knowledge in the industry, you can feel safe knowing that your battery replacement is done with high-quality products. You mustn’t think twice before taking our services as we are providing services as per your requirements and we will surely take care of all the things.

Fastest Battery Replacement ServicesFastest Battery Replacement Services

To replace your dead battery on your Oneplus 8 Pro, the first thing you want to do is identify if your battery is removable or not. If your battery on your device is removable, then it means that it is an external battery and you can remove it. Yaantra is the place to come. We offer fast battery replacement services for your Oneplus 8 Pro battery replacement. If you need to know more about the options available, just call us or drop by our store to speak with one of our technical advisors.

iphone-doorstep-icon Warranty Of Up To Six Months

If you are experiencing any issue with your OnePlus 8 Pro battery, you will need to visit the repair service center for the OnePlus 8 Pro battery replacement, but visiting is not a crucial thing. You can enjoy a warranty of up to six months for your OnePlus 8 Pro battery replacement. To get the warranty, simply send an email or call our customer service team and they will be happy to help you out.

Replacement With Quality Parts Replacement With Quality Parts

One of the most important parts of your OnePlus 8 Pro is the battery. The battery ensures that you can use your phone on the go. If your battery is not working, then it will be very inconvenient for you to use your phone. When this happens, it is time to contact a company like ours for your OnePlus 8 Pro battery replacement with quality parts. We take pride in providing you with battery replacements for your OnePlus 8 Pro as we are the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way for you to get your OnePlus 8 Pro battery replaced.

signal-icon.png SERVING IN 7 MAJOR CITIES

You need not worry about any of the issues, ring us to get the services at your doorstep as our services are not limited to one particular space. We are providing Oneplus battery replacement services throughout the nation with our dedicated service centers in 7 major cities i.e. Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune. We are there to help you with every need related to your Oneplus 8 Pro.

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