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You must have experienced issues with the Apple iPhone X when it gets older. The most annoying issue in the old iPhones is related to the battery of the phone. The issue has to be resolved quickly, else there are chances to get your phone turned into tech garbage. Yaantra can fix the problem with the best tech experts in the field. If your iPhone X gets to the point where its performance won't keep up with the times, you may want to swap it for battery replacement, then choose us for the fastest iPhone X Battery Replacement. With times batteries of your iPhone become old, damaged, or dead, and you don't want to fork out big money to replace them with your friendly Apple workshop. You can count on us as we are quick, affordable, and reliable.




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Getting any quality repair services is hard to find these days, but with the help of Yaantra, you can get every issue resolved. You must be thinking why? Here are the reasons to get the services for your iPhone X battery replacement from Yaantra:

Certified TechniciansCertified Technicians

Technicians at Yaantra are the best to resolve every problem related to your iPhone X. Our technicians can check the phone and can diagnose it to save the life of your phone. To get access to our services with just a ring as we are here to bring the repair services to your place. Pick your phone now and dial us to get every battery-related issue resolved.

Affordable PricesAffordable Price

Under the usual circumstances, replacing the iPhone battery is an expensive endeavour, and if you go to an Apple store, they will charge about $80 for the procedure. For the tech-savvy and budget-conscious Yaantra is a good option. Our affordable price for iPhone X Battery Replacement is what makes us the best one for every iPhone X user.


battery replacement services Fastest Battery Replacement

If your iPhone X is not charging and cannot be turned off without affecting the battery, a new battery can fix the problem. If your battery is on charge and you find that you are having trouble charging your device, you may need to get a service that carries out a related repair. Yaantra can be your saviour in that case. You can give us a call and get the fastest iPhone X battery replacement service at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes.

Warranty Of Up To Six MonthsWarranty Of Up To Six Months

A warranty makes the services much more worthy than ever, but getting it from local service providers is hard. Yaantra has been providing a warranty of up to six months for the last many years. It’s a matter of no time for our technicians. You can give us a call to get the battery of your iPhone X replaced at your place without any hassle.

Replacement With Quality BatteryReplacement With Quality Battery

Apple does not sell parts from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to the public, which means that you have to buy a replacement of your iPhone battery from a third-party supplier or retailer, and here Yaantra comes to save you. Replace the old, dead, or dying battery of your Apple iPhone X with a brand new battery from Yaantra. The repair is the best option when the matter is not that extreme and is repairable; otherwise, you must go for iPhone X battery replacement services.

Serving in 7 major Cities Serving in 7 major Cities

If your iPhone X is active and you need a battery replacement, Yaantra performs an excellent repair to put you back in action. We are providing iPhone X battery replacement services throughout the nation with our dedicated service centres in 7 major cities i.e. Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune. You need not take any stress about buying a new phone. Call us to get the battery replaced in just no time. We will be happy to bring a properly functional phone to you.

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